Tuesday, October 13, 2020

System design: Microservice

 Here is the link. 

I had a mock system design interview, and then my interviewer was so smart and gave me the hint to ask me talk about more about Microservice. It is such great help for me to go back to learn something about Microservice. 

The interviewer dropped me and quitted the interview early, but I quickly figured out what to do next. The world is changing so quickly, I could not focus on so many things. 

Here is the article about Microservice system design. 

Here are some good ideas to look into: 

These characteristics are smart endpoints & dumb pipes, decentralized governance, infrastructure automation, and failure isolation. Let’s discuss about each characteristic in the following sections.

A good example of this is the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), where ESP products often include sophisticated facilities for message routing, choreography, transformation, and applying business rules. (ESB is also the fundamental difference between Microservices and Service-oriented Architecture (SOA). Further comparison between the two can be found at [2]).

Let me find out those two articles, and I like to spend time for each article over 10 minutes at least. 

Chained or chain of responsibility 

Branch pattern

Saga pattern 

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