Saturday, November 7, 2020

Celebration: Google phone screen - another achievement

 Nov. 7, 2020


It is my hobby to write blogs and practice algorithms. It is my frugal life style and put my health and fitness in top priority. I did run this Saturday morning starting 8:30 AM in Burnaby central park, and I did have selfies to celebrate, and make this weekend more memorable. 

Google phone screen

It is so unbelievable achievement to pass Google phone screen first time in my life. As a career woman, I recorded a video in central park Burnaby using one app, but it got lost. I plan to go back tomorrow morning to make another one. 

陈建敏,vancouver, BC 16:10


陈建敏,vancouver, BC 16:11


I missed important rebound in stock last two days. So I learn the lesson to stay in the moment. 

There is always risk to take. Always stay positive. 

Here is my youtube video. Here is another video. 

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