Monday, November 16, 2020

Graph theorist: K. B. Reid

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Kenneth Brooks Reid, Jr. is a graph theorist and the founder faculty (Head 1989) professor at California State University, San Marcos. He specializes in combinatorial mathematics. He is known for his work in tournamentsfrequency partitions and aspects of voting theory. He is known (with E. T. Parker) on a disproof of a conjecture on tournaments by Erdős and Moser

He received his Ph.D. on a dissertation called "Structure in Finite Graphs" from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1968, his advisor was E. T. Parker. Reid is a professor emeritus at Louisiana State University (1968–1989) and has guided students for their Ph.D.s at Baton Rouge.

Selected work[edit]

  • [Book] Disproof of a conjecture of Erdos and Moser on tournaments, KB Reid, ET Parker, ILLINOIS UNIV URBANA - 1964 -
  • Domination graphs of tournaments and digraphs, DC Fisher, JR Lundgren, SK Merz, KB Reid - Congressus Numerantium, 1995 -
  • Tournaments, KB Reid, L. W. Beineke - Selected topics in graph theory, 1978

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