Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Handle stress: Stock investment + play tennis + coronavirus + Youtube videos

 Nov. 11, 2020


It is so hard for me to gain control of my work and life. My weight went up to 200 lb, and my hay fever needs me to take a pill every day. I can tell that my situation does not improve a lot. 

Stock investment

I learn from my own mistakes and I like to take time to learn. So I spend time to write down, and reflect on those mistakes. As a 54 year old, I spend last 10 years to rent a small bedroom, stay on frugal, but miss so many opportunity to invest. 

Last three years I have chance to accumulate the saving more than $50,000 dollars first time in my life. First time it is around 2017. 

Play tennis 

Now I had chance to play tennis double last six months. It helps me a lot to stay outdoor and continue to keep me healthy and happy. 


I have to take some time to understand the challenge I have. I am lucky to find a renter who will move in this weekend to my Florida rental property - a two bedroom condo. It is $500/ month bill to pay if it is vacant. 

I also learn from my friend how she embraces the challenge to relocate from California to Florida. She is Michigan Ph.D. and Tsinghua graduate, back in 2001 she rented and she was my first renter. 

Youtube videos

I start to record some videos and talk about stock investment, algorithm and other topics as well. I like to explore the opportunity to grow in terms of finance, investment and be myself, help others. 

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