Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Stock investment: Do not be biased + $630 dollars opportunity loss

 Nov. 11, 2020


I read a lot of articles about Suncor, but I do not read about PPL.TO and ENB.TO. I made impulsive decision to sell PPL.TO and ENB.TO, so the sale costed me the opportunity loss of $630 dollars. I like to write a blog to talk about bias, and how to make good decision, write down at least three reasons to sell position over $5000 dollars. 

Tools to help me 

I need to learn how to save time and also make good decision in terms of investing. I notice that I am easily manipulated by the market, and make quick decision to purchase and sale. 

I do not think like a long term investor at all with short return. How to make corrections as an investor? 

It is better for me to write a blog or play tennis sports or running. I can calm down and then do not make quick decision. 

I made quick decision to sell 70 shares of PPL.TO and 140 shares of ENB.TO. I do not think about the same market, SU.TO went up 20% on Nov. 9 first two hours, but ENB.TO and PPL.TO will catch another 10% as well. PPL.TO and ENB.TO are big and financial health oil companies in Canada. 

Do not hold bias. Treat those companies same. Next time when the market rebounds, I should hold on my breath, and then take time to allow PPL.TO and ENB.TO rebound. 

$630 dollars can be made easily as long as I am patient. I will think about more carefully later on. 

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