Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Leetcode community rule: Why I move to and also

 Nov. 11, 2020


I got my Leetcode account banned in July so that I spent three days to review all my discussion post to remove my blog links and other personal links, later I got my account reactivated. First time I understood what is community rule. It is also the reason  I start to make videos for algorithm practice. 

My investment - my time

I like to build community for me to grow as a software engineer. It is not easy journey. I could not make it to any FANNG company since my first onsite with Amazon in June 2016. I should have invested on Amazon stock starting from 2016, or I should have purchased a condo in the city of Surrey. I do not invest anything, continue to work on algorithm and data structure practice. 

I have to obey the community rule of Leetcode. I also learn the lesson to work better as a Leetcode writer. I only have 300 reputations. So I think that I can make some videos and then record my thought process to go through those Leetcode algorithms. 

I love to spend time to work on those algorithms. It is really helpful for me to stay current, get connected to other. I also can work on my crafting skills, engineering career efficiently. video is easy to make and also I like to see if I can have ideas to make better quality ones. 

Leetcode community rule

As a writer, I have to obey rules. Community rule makes good sense. I have to learn how to write efficiently. 

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