Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Stock investment: Wisdom + Take chance + Do not give up

 Nov. 10, 2020


I have to discipline myself when I understand what is wishful thinking, what is a practical idea to apply as a stock investment. I need to get more wisdom, take chance and do not give up. 

PPL.TO stock 

I need to take risk and invest $60,000 dollars on PPL.TO stock today. Today is big chance for PPL.TO stock go up more than 8%. 

Here are my reasoning:

  1. SU.TO went up 20% on Nov. 6, 2020, but PPL.TO only went up 6%;
  2. PPL.TO should be in the same market as SU.TO, but people bet on SU.TO first; 
  3. All other stocks distressed since coronavirus went up on Nov. 9, 2020; 
  4. Second day is also big chance to go up for good and quality stocks.
  5. I should consider other speculators, what if vaccine solves all the problem after Next March. 
  6. I should consider that the market price is still low. 

ENB stock

PPL.TO stock

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