Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Count Down For a vacation

Oct. 3, 2017


I like to write a short blog about how important the vacation is good for a programmer. The talk can be considered in more than 3 ways, experience the traffic tools in modern societies; second it is to catch up mobile phone app trend; third is to get to learn how to communicate face-to-face with relatives, friends, families, art or science.

Facts about living in Vancouver

I do not take any travel using airplane since last October China trip. So my experience of international travel will be fascinated. Using Canada airline and get connected to people through the travel. I am not the lady you neighbor open a bible and read very carefully, but I met one last year travel, and I also met a young lady Ph.D. just finished post doctor study in Calgary and went back to China, she explained to me how a Ph.D. these days completes 3 -5 post doctor research before she lands a permanent teaching job. Sounds fancy? Continue.

Beijing is most developed city in China, so on the plane I definitely met some parents who are helping their kids to get education in the city of Vancouver. A little bit chat about education and family etc. It seems that I am ready for vacation.

Is it a clone?

The programmer is good at copy and paste, is this a clone of vacation. Last year I went to China, took air Canada airline, watched China Open, I do exactly same thing. I like to say that the idea is the same, but I added a few modifications.

To be continued!

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