Sunday, October 1, 2017

University code sprint #3 - Bob's Game

Oct. 1, 2017


It is the busy day, a Sunday. I got a flat tire yesterday, I felt lucky to get flat tire when I walked out my home around 6 PM and I saw the flat tire. The worst thing is that I get a flat tire when I am driving on the road, or I walk to the car after one day work. I should work on the tire to get it replaced since more than 3 weeks ago a young man stopped at traffic night inside the car told me that I have a tire almost flat and I need to take care of it.

I joined CAA last night and had to work on fixing the tire.

The contest I played yesterday I did not score anything, I started around 2:00 PM, and then I tried to prepare China trip next Wednesday, and then I went over the documents I had. In the evening I worked on the third medium algorithm but I spent around 2 hours, but I did not make it. It is a medium algorithm with maximum score 50. I did work on a test case: ["...",".K.","..K"], I found out that I need to handle intermediate position of K each step.

Here is the C# code I submitted a few times and only passed test case 1.

Love the failure

I always know that I am not very competitive programmer, I have to work on medium algorithm very carefully. Otherwise, I may spend time but score 0.

I plan to work on those algorithm in university codesprint #3 after the contest one by one. I like to show that I am working hard and also learning things. Plan to ask questions on code review website as well.

Piece of puzzle to learn NIM game

It is like playing chess to figure out NIM game, I put down some drawing to work on the algorithm. I figured out I failed the test case, and then I like to show my drawings. I am the engineer who was trying to figure out NIM game by myself, around 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Sept. 30, 2017 Saturday night.

Mark the night as a hardworking Vancouver programmer Julia Chen chose to work on, let us call it NIM game night. Here is the drawing to figure out a test case for the game:

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