Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Unsleep night in the city of Vancouver

Oct. 3, 2017


I will take a flight Oct. 4 2017, in order to get rid of jet lag, I am planning sleep a few hours and then enjoy the adventure to surf the internet.

My best companion is 40 minutes video of Maria Sharapova, now it 8:27 PM. I just started second round to watch the interview, and then prepare to pack for my trip to China. The video is called Maria Sharapova on the Keys to Building Grit and Discipline.

Now it is 9:12 Pm, I am going over another 50 minutes interview with Lewis Howes, Unstoppable in Tennis. I am still packing and trying to figure out something good check list to show I am getting organized and more creative this time. The video link is here.

I have a food campaign to bring North America snacks to China, and let my relatives taste the food culture. All the snacks I bought are from Costco.

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