Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I want to be a good coach

Feb. 20, 2018


Life is so tough and then I learn the hard lesson. I have so many friends who works as a computer professor in university of China, I spent over four hours to do research and got some advice from them last November, but I could not help my relative, because he refused to take my calls and answer my wechat, I talked to my brother over and over again. This February he did not pass the minimum required score, the graduate admission test was in this January, 2018.

I like to do some research and work on a few things. Why I can tell that he will fail from his behavior? Does good student have a good pattern of learning? Showing curiosity or having a good attitude?

Why the math is tough subject for my relative?

How to guide him to prepare for an graduate study in Canada in short future?

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