Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Stocks with 10% increase: Oct 2 - Oct. 6, 2020

 Oct. 6, 2020


I missed 10% increase from Oct. 2 to Oct. 6, 2020. I like to write about 10% increase. 

10% increase

I bet on MRO stock 1000 share, but I failed to get rebound and sold with $180 dollars loss. And MRO price went down last Friday. I thought about purchase back, actually it is time. 

For gambling, it is bet to have a rebound. I tried so many times, and I thought about blackswan, and another 20% pullback, so I did not try to recover my loss. 

Today I checked the following stocks all having 10% rebound:


I think that it is gambling which makes stock market always attractive. It is easy to get addicted. I did try to catch rebound so many times after August 31, 2020, but I failed all the time. I decided to quit, and then it has 10% rebound. 

Behavior problems

I was panic since the market will have another 20% to 30% pullback. In my Ameritrade.com account, all my gains of $3000 from May 2019 to June 8 2020 are gone. I am betting on my capital. 

It takes some risk to make 10% profit. 

I lost over $500 dollars on INTC stock, if I just hold another month, today it went back around $52.20 dollars. I should learn from the lesson to hold longer. 

I did not make profit on 240 shares of NCLH, but if I hold until today at $17.78, then I will make profit $1.1 for each share. I sold too early. Even if it is short term investment, I also need to learn to take risk to hold longer. I should learn sentimental in the market, and take loss and hold longer those position. To be successful, I also need to learn more about renting out those shares if needed. 

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