Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Website project: Html script extra close div - Remove a menu causing crash

 Oct. 6, 2020


It was two weeks ago that I was so busy to make so many changes on the website, I was asked to remove uplight from the website, and then after a while, I was told that website was not responding. 


I was so nervous since I did not have any issue over last 12 months. I went back to check IIS event view log, and also I tried to rollback every change to see which one to cause the problem. 

My coworker reminded me that it happened just after I removed the uplight. 

Code change

I rollbacked the change to remove a row in the table WebsiteMainMenu. I turned off the cache of the table, and Monday morning I went to work, the coworker told me the page was really slow. 

I quickly fixed the cache issue. I also rewrote the code for Main Menu setup written in C#. 

Here is my project folder. 

I like to work on my project management skills, and also I have to review my own code and take some time to make it more robust. 

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