Saturday, October 3, 2020

Google phone screen: From Oct. 2 to Nov. 2 four weeks preparation

 Oct. 3, 2020


It is hard for me to get invited again for Google phone screen. I went to Google union lake Grace Hopper's event in Oct. 2019, and I had a phone screen in 2017 but I could not clear. It is so surprising that I got invited and the recruiter talked to me over 40 minutes about application process. 

My plan

I have to stop working on trading on stock market, and go back to algorithm practice and design design. 

Based on my experience this May to August for two months Facebook phone screen, and two weeks for system design, I have to make plans early. Start to work on system design early, and work on algorithm practice more, and push myself hard to master a lot of algorithms - specially hard level algorithms this time. 

I failed my senior level Microsoft Vancouver phone screen as well. I was able to pass Facebook phone screen, and got invited for virtual onsite. 

What is a good plan? 

I have to work on my behavior problems and also technical strength issues as well. It is so busy to work on a full time job. I have so many decisions to make, cut this project and that project, since I have to learn how to take tradeoff, and then prevent big defects, and then leave improvements for future - after coronavirus special challenge settled. 

I have to learn how to be a good learner. As one person team to work on design, code and maintenance, I do have so many weaknesses to work on. 

Coding plan

I need to work on coding plan, and also have chance to review my past 500 algorithms practice as well. As a C# programmer, I have to learn from other C# programmers on Leetcode discuss, make sure that I understand how C# can be used to solve all those problems, introduce a lot of hard algorithms on Leetcode first time to myself. 

Rush to review and code

I certainly think that coding is most challenge part for Google phone screen and onsite. I have to push myself to be able to pass Google phone screen. 

The most challenge part is to come out optimal ideas to solve those easy, medium and hard level algorithms first. 

Get back to normal programmer life

I also have to push myself to go back to normal programmer life. In order for me to do that, I booked system design interviews, 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 12 PM, and 10:00 PM behavior interview as well. 

I have to push myself to stay on track to meet people, help and learn from those peer interviews. 

More will come 

I will come out more ideas how to do the work. I will record a youtube video on this blog topic as well. 

Here is link. 

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