Saturday, October 3, 2020

SU.TO: Time to get back in stock market to build Suncor stock positions

 Oct. 3, 2020


It is so hard for me to discipline myself as an investor, stay consistent. I like to write down my analysis and thought process. 

My purchase and my loss starting from August 31

Here is youtube link. 

I recorded my thought process in youtube video first, recorded using video app called powerDirector. 

I got dividend on Oct. 2, 2020 through, around $120 dollar dividend on Sept. 2, 2020. It also reminded me to get back in the position of Suncor energy stock. 

I have to plan how to time the market and get back in the stock market on Suncor stock, should I purchase 500 shares once, or I should break into three sessions, each time I purchase around 150 shares. 

I need to think about long term. For example, if I consider for 4 years return, what is good time to invest on Suncor stock. Since I drive old used car, if I purchase a new car around $12,000 dollars, then I can pay it off in 4 years. I can relate to the new car case, then I can think about how to invest those and get some return. 

On Oct. 2, 2020, Suncor stock price went down the level of March 27, 2020, below $16.00 dollars, the price range is from $15.01 to $15.99 dollars. I do believe that I should get back in 200 shares a time, and invest a few times to catch lowest price. 

Follow up 

Oct. 8, 2020

On Oct. 8, 2020, SU.TO stock went up more than 6%, so many oil stocks went up over 5% as well. I did not purchase any shares after Oct. 2, 2020. 

I tried to stay away from gambling, and tried to work on Google phone screen. But of course I missed the chance to recover my loss over $7000 oil stock loss from August 31 to Oct. 2. I should take market risk seriously. I have to learn how hard it is to stay put, and hold those shares. 

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