Saturday, April 21, 2018

Being an interviewee: Deletion distance

April 21, 2018


It is 10:00 PM mock interview and I had to work on deletion distance algorithm. The peer asked me if I worked on the problem before, since I did very fast. I finished the analysis in less than 10 minutes, I went over the test case "heat" and "hit", and built up a dynamic programming table from scratch. I certainly told the peer that I worked on the algorithm more than 10 times, each time there is a new issue coming out.

I started to code and passed my test case and all test cases on the platform. And then I had a chat with the peer. The peer had very good leadership skills, he showed me how to explain things crystal clean, pay attention to the intonation, kind of like exaggeration.

I told the peer that people complained to me speaking too fast, my sister with over 30 years teaching experience complained to me that I was not in the same channel, sometimes I let my mind shift away. I do not answer people's question directly, rambling, or change the topic without any conscious. I am still working on it.

Sometimes I notice that I do not focus on one thing, do multiple things in the same time. In terms of mock interview, I have to respect the peer, stop playing wechat or checking my email or my blog while the peer is coding.

The peer is very considerate and supportive, he said that it may happen to him as well.

Mock interview

Here is my analysis and C# code.

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