Sunday, April 22, 2018

Being an interviewer: BST inorder successor

April 22, 2018


It was my 6:00 pm mock interview. I had chance to help the peer to come out the solution in 40 minutes. I enjoyed to be an interviewer and then helped the peer to come out the optimal solution.

Sometimes it is so relaxing to watch how the peer worked hard, and then took hint quickly and reached the optimal solution.


Here is the feedback I wrote on mock interview platform. I like to encourage the peer to work hard.

Things you did well

The peer took the time to think about the solution, started from inorder traversal and then moved to optimal solution by going up or down through height of tree to search. The peer wrote the code with bugs, and then worked on cleaning and removed all bugs and redundant code. 

Good thing the peer did is to stay calm, and also very good communication with the interviewer. The peer took hint quickly and then worked on the detail. It is very good to be able to come out the correct solution first time. 

The peer tested code with four test cases and make sure that the code works perfect. 

Things you should work on

Recommend the peer to work on more mock interviews. There are a lot of talent people out there, you will meet a lot of peers and then find ways to improve and go above the average performance. Work hard! 

You as an interviewer

I presented two solutions, and then the peer chose one for me to write. Also the peer asked a few questions and I think that the peer is very curious and like to improve. Good to work with the peer. 

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