Saturday, April 21, 2018

Over 250 mock interviews

April 21, 2018


Once a while I like to do a small research, write something for an interesting topic. I have completed more than 250 mock interviews. I have reinvented myself by getting connected to the world.

Stay connected

I was so busy in weekends and evening, I booked the mock interview on a few platforms, and in-between I had some one-to-one session mock interview to help a peer to prepare for important interview.

I used to stay alone and do not talk to people about coding every day. Somehow I have some bad habits formed and then I got complained about.

I used to call my mom every day from 2000 to 2010. I do not have a person to call every day. My sisters are super busy and they do not like to take my calls. One time my sister told me that I called her more than 3 times when I tried to plan to travel to China. Now I call her zero time and I just go ahead to plan things better and efficient.

I like to check wechat or website daily. I attend church and get connected to friends regularly. But I like to get more connected to the world, specially those hard working people who likes to advance their software programmer career, where to find those people?

Mock interview

I started to work on mock interview last March 31, 2017 again. It was not easy to build a new habit, specially I have to meet a stranger and also I have to work on algorithm problem solving. It was challenging and it takes some time to get used to practice mock interview. I did not practice from any mock interview from January to March 2017, even though I was advised to practice on mock interview platform.

Once I get used to practice mock interview, and I know that it is an excellent tool for me to learn algorithm, I set up mock interview 5 or 6 times a day in the weekend starting January. 2017.

It is not easy to write down every mock interview practice. I was too busy and I did give over 10 mock interview as an interviewer to ask same algorithm "Spiral matrix print" from January to March 2018. I did not write down one blog for each mock interview, good thing is that I can replay the video on the mock interview platform.

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