Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Celebration of 30 years graduation

April 18, 2018


It is the reunion to celebrate the birth of Shanghai Jiaotong university 122 years, and also we met in Shanghai to celebrate 30 years since we graduated together back in 1988 with mathematics degree, we stayed together from 1984 to 1988, and took all courses together. For my case, I stayed with other six girls in the same dorm, and we discussed so many math problems together, and we went out together for so many activities. 

One picture

One thing I like to do is related to my experience to the current China highly developed as a country and also open to new entrepreneurship. What I like to do is to relate my class 70141 to one of top celebrity in Forbes 2018, therefore it is very easy to make connection to the whole world, how education helps people to grow, nurture future leaders and motivate each other to work hard.

I sat in the front row, and rest of my class was in the classroom, including the third row Shen Neil, a billionaire and a Yale graduate. Great thanks to the math professor Xiang Longwan, our instructor of mathematics course took the picture and shared with us after 30 years, on April 14, 2018. My favorite reading of professor Xiang is here, who wrote the recommendation letter for my Florida Atlantic University mathematics Ph.D. program back in 1996.

My favorite reading from Shen Neil is here.

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