Monday, April 30, 2018

Code review: Array quadruplet

April 30, 2018


It is so happy for me to continue to practice Array quadruplet algorithm since last March. What I have learned through over 10 rounds mock interview is that I have to continue to learn the algorithm through each practice.

It is the big surprise when I chose the algorithm to ask the peer last Saturday 10:00 PM mock interview. I tried to test a senior in the university how good he is since he told me that he had ICPC contest experience in high school.

Build a hashmap on the fly

I like to answer my own question asked five months ago on Here is the question's link. Here is my answer's link.

Leetcode 4 sum discussion panel

I have to push myself to learn from others. One drill is to read as many discussion as possible, and try to figure out new ideas, creative thinking process. I spent 30 minutes to read through the discussion, and also wrote a reply. Here is my reply link.

I noticed that I had some issues, since I keep checking code review my answer link. I know that it is waste of my time. I should spend time to read more discussion on Leetcode 4 sum.

Sometimes I notice that I have to push myself to show concern to others, people in the community, and also give out support for other people's good thoughts and work they share.

To be selfish or pessimistic, it is not working very well in this fast-paced software industry. This is the first time I make this argument.

Here is my post to show my idea and answer for Leetcode 18: 4 sum. I did spend 30 minutes to read my submission eleven months ago and then I decided to write a new solution based on my practice on array quadruplet.

One step further

Here is the reply I gave to the most view answer 6.1 K views. I shared the tip to lower down the time complexity to O(n * n).

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