Saturday, April 28, 2018

System design introduction for interview

April 28, 2018


Learning system design is kind of challenging. What I like to do is to watch a few videos on first, and then I like to come out the idea how good those videos are.

This one I chose to watch is made by an Apple engineer. Here is the link. Let me rate this video as 10 out of 10.

I like to write down those topics I need to learn basics.

System design

Here are some notes I like to write down.

Ask good question. What features to work for, how much to implement.
Don't use buzzwords.
Clear and organized thinking
Drive discussion (80-20 rules)

- Features
- Define APIs
- Availability
- Latency performance
- Scalability
- Durability
- Class Diagram
- Security & privacy
- Cost effective

Let us move on the topics for system design:

- vertical vs horizontal scaling
- CAP theorem
- Partition/ Sharding Data
  - consistent hashing
- Optimistic vs pessimistic locking
- Strong vs Eventual consistency
- Relational DB vs NoSql
- Type of NoSql
   . key value
   . wide column
   . document based
   . graph based
- Caching
- Data center/ Racks/ Hosts
- CPU/ Memory/ Hard drive/ Network bandwidth
- Random vs Sequential read/write on disk
- http vs http2 vs websockets
- TCP/ IP model
- Ipv4 vs ipv6
- TCP vs UDP
- DNS lookup
- Https & TLS
- Public key infrastructure & Certificate Authority
- Symmetrix vs Asymetric key

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