Monday, February 4, 2019

Write a letter for my relative as a principal applicant

Feb. 4, 2019


It is hard for me to help my relative to learn how to listen to others. I got a letter from Hong Kong immigration office called procedure fairness letter yesterday. I plan to write a letter and explain what happened and ask for the help if need. We will get another certificate but China is celebrating Chinese new year and it may take a few days break every office in China.

Being a sponsor

In order to sponsor my young relative, we have to do DNA test and also provide death certification of my late mom and father. We got letter in Dec 5, 2018, and we need to mail the document before Jan. 19, 2019. My relative sent out the package but Hong Kong visa office did not receive the letter before Jan. 19, 2019 deadline.

There are two possible reasons. One is the person picking up the mail for expedite mail did not do the work; The second one is that my relative did not put any reference related to client number or application number in the package.

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