Saturday, November 30, 2019

Case study: Comparison to engineers in Sillicon Valley

Nov. 30, 2019


It is no surprise that I will meet very talent engineers on as an interviewer. I have to hold high standards, but I also am hard working super talent programmer, I should treat people with fairness. Hard working, good test skills, problem solving is very important, I am not searching top 5% on weekly contest on

Case study

I decided to make changes. Last three months I just used two algorithms to test so many engineers. Yesterday I decided to ask two new algorithms. 

I asked two algorithms in last six month weekly contest. I also failed or struggled to solve in weekly contest. So the interviewee performed much better than me. He solved both of them.

Today I learned that he is principle engineer in a very big hardware company in Sillicon Valley.

I met so many engineers working for Amazon, Facebook, Google and Oracle; every time I was surprised to learn that those people will beat me to compete a job based on coding interviews.

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