Saturday, November 30, 2019

My ten year home as a renter in the city of Vancouver

June 30, 2019


It is time for me to review my last 10 years as a renter in the city of Vancouver. I stay the same place from 2010 December to Nov. 30, 2019. I like to write a case study about my renting experience.

10 years renting

I came to Vancouver on April 14, 2010. I went to Yosemite national park, I travel with my friend on 14 days road trip. I got a call from Florida, my friend called me and told me that her high school classmate just bought a house in 47th ave, it was empty and they were working on renovation of bathroom. So I got my first home in the east Vancouver. I stayed there until Dec. 2010.

I moved to second place in the city of Vancouver, less than 1 mile away from my first home 47th ave.

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