Saturday, November 30, 2019

5 minutes sharing: Willingdon church Chinese eagle reunion sharing

Nov. 30, 2019


It is our reunion and we met at Formosa academy. We used to get together in Willingdon church starting from December 2010. After 2016, we stopped get-together, now it is 10 year reunion.


We have 45 adults and 25 kids, now the old kids are 8 years old.

I am so glad to meet those friends again. Most of them grew up, married, with kids, one person left in 2013 and came back with wife and 4 year old son. I am still the same, work in the same job last 10 years, and still rent a small bedroom last 10 years. I am getting old, kind of easy to forget things, people's name, and all other things. My eye bleed yesterday and it is hard for me.

I did not attend Willingdon church starting from Nov. 2018 after I chose to start to work on personal finance. I felt so touched by so many friends, and so happy to watch them to grow into middle 30s or close to 40 years old, best years in their life.

What I shared is the story how I landed in Canada from 2010, how I find Willingdon church and met in the small group Willingdom Chinese single group.

I went to road trip 14 days to Vancouver in 2010, on the road trip to Yosemite, I got a call from my friend in Florida, and her classmate purchased a home in 47th st., so that was my first home. I rented a small bedroom, and attended the church they went. In December, I started to join Willingdon church. That year I was 44 years old.

I was naive and I chose to attend younger people single group instead of my age group. I learned that at the time people in the group are young and lack of business skills or other things. I also was cheated every year to go to same Chinese auto shop, my car's brake would not work, and I went back to the shop; I asked to change the engine oil, the Chinese mechanic let go my brake oil. I still went back. I did see a lot of issues in my skills to live and do business in Vancouver.

I talked about a few things from 2010 to 2017. I talked about car accident and I got hit from behind, the accident and what the accident taught me.

I talked about last meeting I asked Angela, what if I purchased a condo, then I could not afford it. She told me to sell it.

Now the condo price is doubled, after 10 years in Vancouver, I plan to migrate to other city, cheap house and then I should think about retirement. I am over the hill.

I talked about the behavior I had did not match my age. My college classmate told me that I should not do things people do in 28 years old, like her son working in Amazon Seattle. I asked what she did, one time she told me that she invests on stock market.

I did not attend the church after Nov. 2018, I was involved a lot of personal finance research. I am back in stock market. I did not learn from 2010 to 2018. I was stubborn and then now it is hard for me to learn the lesson how to invest.

This reunion reminded me that I should go back to attend Christian get-together.

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