Saturday, November 30, 2019

I like to make money while I sleep

Nov. 30, 2019


It is my personal finance research. I like to learn how to invest on stock market based on index fund, I like to take risk and push myself to feel comfortable to put my 80% saving in Canada into Questrade instead of Scotia bank. I have to push myself to learn how to make money while I sleep.

Toughest project 

I have to believe the knowledge is power. The more I learn, the more I earn.

Here are my highlights to invest on stock market index funds, how busy I was to catch up to learn, being able to manage $62,000 Canadian dollars into stock market, and also I manage $26,000 US dollars 401 K and IRA account.

1. Work on risk, volatility and worst case of my portfolio
2. Work on time the market, time in the market research
3. Work on my psychology of investment, and I like to be a happy long term investor.
4. Work on management of condo in Florida. I have to study market and find best tenants I can and maintain good relationship with tenants.

Actionable Items

It is most important for me to get educated in finance literacy. I should prepare worst case scenario, and then I can make money while I sleep. Bear market will not last more than three  years. After three years, I will learn how to invest better and learn the value of patience and wealth grown with USA economy.

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