Friday, July 31, 2020

Stock purchase: My purchase of TFSA and Key largo portfolio


It is hard for me to catch the lowest point of last 30 days oil price. CVX has worst second quarter and then I had chance to learn some facts about US economy. I did make decisions to get in the market when oil price was low close to lowest in last 30 days. 

Analysis and my monthly plan on August 2020

I like to make one month plan, invest on stocks and also learn how to invest on long term. I made mistake last time when oil stock went down and then I was so worried about SP 500 index went down below 3000, and then oil stock continued to go down. 

My business plan

I like to reduce risk to purchase more than one oil stock one time. I like to invest on long term, if there is short term swing, then I will take advantage of short swing. If my positions has loss, then I should not buy high and sell low, sometimes I do promise to buy back when the price is lower. It is hard for me to discipline myself. 

Actionable items

What I like to do is to bet on the oil stock should continue to swing lower and then rebound; I should take advantage of swing, and then make some profit. 

Because I am still a beginner as an investor, I should play safe and invest on oil stocks. I should work on stock with capital value at least 2 billion dollars, so that it is less risk compared to small capital like 300 million. 

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