Wednesday, July 29, 2020

System design: Computer networking - a top-down approach 7th edition

July 29, 2020


It is my Facebook onsite interview prepration on August 13, 2020. How should I prepare for Facebook system design interview? Do I purchase Leetcode premium version? Do I pay to purchase system design video from tech lead on, a senior level programmer from Amazon to get one hour service? I choose to stay hunger, stay to be frugal, learn by myself. I do believe that best learning will happen if I choose not to be a parrot in my own system design interview. 

A network book

I like to focus on basics. One is to review operating system basics, and then networking basics. Since I have limit time to prepare, I like to work on networking basics. 

I chose to spend at least 10 hours to rush to go over as many topics in the book "Networking - Top down approach". I like to focus on application layer, case study about Netflix, 

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