Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Booking reading: C# tutorial

Sept. 6, 2017


It is never too late to read a C# tutorial. Today I spent over one hour to read C# tutorial, and then I read the first time about C# reference types. There are four types which are class types, interface types, array types, and delegate types.

I like to spend 30 minutes a time, a few times to read the book. Meanwhile, I like to use C# tutorial to help me do some research on language itself, and find some interesting and quality material to read to enhance my C# knowledge. The material I am looking for should not focus on the theory, better practical, work on small coding examples.

C# tutorial 

A few things I like to do:
1. Plan to spend 30 minutes a time to read the tutorial.
2. Write down new concepts here.
3. Try to go over the tutorial in September.


Read page 1 and look into the declaration "C# is a simple, modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language."

Plan to look into the keyword: type-safe programming language C# -

15 minutes read:

"Learn C# tutorials", the article link is here.


Read page 1 arguments:

"The type-safe design of the language makes it impossible to read from uninitialized variables, to index arrays beyond their bounds, or to perform unchecked type casts."


- uninitialized variables - how the design make default initialization in C#
- index arrays beyond their bounds -
- unchecked type cast - what is the unchecked type cast?

Look into type-safe design of C#, name three of them.

Each common mistake plan to read 5 minutes.
Buggy C# code: The 10 most common mistakes that C# developers make -

C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and LCI - the github link is here.
Read page 1 argument:

"C# Has a Unified Type System. All C# types, including primitive types such as int and double, inherit from a single root object type. Thus, all types share a set of common operations, and values of any type can be stored, transported, and operated upon in a consistent manner. Furthermore, C# supports both user-defined reference types and value types, allowing dynamic allocation of objects as well as in-line storage of lightweight structures.".

I did Google on this, and then surprisingly I came cross the search result: #950 – C# Has a Unified Type System, I immediately decided to learn from the series of Csharp 2000 things.

Plan to go over 2000 things 30 minutes a time. Write down my favorite learning here.

2,000 things you should know about C#, the link is here.

Follow up

May 21, 2018

What I did is to review the blog, and then I also make the blog more readable. I added a few labels for easy to access. I specially like to document how I approach my goal to advance my C# skills.

Reading a book takes time. I like to use C# tutorial book to guide me to find interesting research topic. 

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