Sunday, September 17, 2017

tennis coach Annacone study

Sept. 17, 2017


I am looking for great advice for my career. I certainly have got a lot of good advice from last 6 month through over 90 mocking interview peers. But I am still looking for the tennis coaching, and observe best coach teaching. Today I will study Roger Federer's coach Annacone. I decided to study tennis player Madison, and then spent 5 minutes to study Madison twitter account, and then I came cross the book twitter of Annacone.

Study of 30 minutes

Now it is 10:19 pm. I will search google and find 3 of very good study material to entertain myself next 30 minutes.

It is 10:51 pm. I am watching 3 minutes teaching video from the coach Annacone, great teaching. The video is here called "Playsight tennis tips with Paul Annacone: Approach Shots".

It is 11:06 pm, I am in the middle of 22 minutes of teaching video called "Tennis Channel Academy - Paul Annocone (former coach of Sampras & Federer). The video link is here.

Action Items

I miss those long hours to play doubles in the city of Burnaby central park last few years. But this year I do not play so much matches. I really enjoy the learning of double tennis through the favorite video teaching. It is 11:43 pm, I am watching second time the video of following teaching, and catch up some research for my Google map and directions common mistakes.

Here it is. Tennis channel academy Tim Blenkiron, here is the link.

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