Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thanksgiving campaign No. 1

Sept. 28, 2017


I plan to do some campaign for Canada thanksgiving holiday, to express my great holiday spirit. First activity is to ask a question on code review website. I miss those people who helped me from Nov. 2016 to March 2017, I like to go back to be one member of community.

It is so nice to experience the code review again tonight. I just posted the algorithm in less than 10 minutes ago around 10:30 PM, the best programmer already edited my post to fix style issues, grammar errors, clarify the problem statement by going over the content. The user profile is 200 Success, who is the moderator.

I miss the people to review my code, help me to become a better competitive programmer starting from Nov. 2016. After 6 months break, I finally decide to go back to routine to ask questions on code review website.

Thanksgiving activities

This past year is the tough for me physically, first time in my life I feel the uncomfortable on my right knee. I experience some short memory loss compared to strong memory before, for instance, I forget a friend's name if I have not met him last 6 months. I feel different specially I have to handle a deep pocket of my big tooth left side jaw, and I feel that aging is a university and I have to work hard to catch up learning how to deal with those new challenges.

I like to ask myself what I should do to stay connected to those people helping me grow as a software programmer. Those people help me, touch my heart to make my algorithm practice so interesting and also so rewarding. One of them is JS1 who shared the great advice for my coding solution.

Here is the snapshot to show how good the work is, I learn to improve my English writing so efficiently:

Here is my code review algorithm Find the smallest substring that contains some given subset of characters. Twitter link is here. 

Follow up

Oct. 25, 2017

code review C# code is here.

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