Saturday, March 24, 2018

AngelList - Where the world meets startups

March 24, 2018


It is my favorite thing to do this Saturday morning. I had a mock interview, I spent less than 10 minutes to finish my algorithm, and the peer also finished his algorithm in less than 25 minutes. So we had over 20 minutes to chat about the jobs, careers, and things interesting to look into.

One thing the peer shared with me is to look up the website called AngelList where the world meets startups.


I like to learn how technology advances, but most of time those startup companies help our society move forward with technology and good service to enrich our life. 

I used to work on a startup company back from 2000 to 2001. Some of my Chinese coworkers really grew from the startup company Trendium and later built up strong career after three to five years working for the company. 

Startup is exciting and also very challenging. 

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