Sunday, March 25, 2018

What makes one person success financially?

March 25, 2018


I graduated from top university from China called Shanghai Jiaotong university. When we were in the second year, 1985, there is a new classmate who joined us, his name is Neil Sheng, now he is top 100 ranking richest people in China. I had so many successful stories to tell from my classmates or friends back in Shanghai Jiaotong University or Florida Atlantic university.

It is fun to write a small research topic and spend some time to think about. Life is such a great teacher. If you treat your neighbor, friends, classmate nice, you will have so many lessons to learn as an adult. I will share my person stories and will make this Sunday more meaningful.

What makes one person successful financially?

I have five siblings, and also I was told so many stories from my siblings. How hard they work as a teacher, physician, or a small business owner.

I have friends to visit me from California, the young successful couple both with Ph.D. degree, they visited my home in the city of Vancouver in 2017. And she told me that she got 3 offers in one month in California. I was so surprised that the huge difference in the corporate world later on.

Last week I had a friend who visited me as well. She told me another successful story. She chose to stay in Shanghai and had a very successful career, and took care of her parents last 20 years. And she shared with me a story about how good it is to obey your parents and respect your parents, give back to your parents, similar to Christian testimony. Since she is a good daughter and she likes to take care of aging parents, she bought a home over 15 years ago to let her parents living close to her. She does not like to stay in the same house with parents. That one good deed helps us to gain over 5 million Chinese dollars alone in the capital gain over 15 years.

I offered her a road trip to visit the city of Seattle since I plan to have a vacation to Seattle. I did drive her in 2007 from New York to Boston, and we visited Yale, Harvard and MIT universities. At that time, she was planning to find a university for her daughter.

Struggle is fun and meaningful

Ephesians 6:2 Honor your mother and father.

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