Wednesday, March 14, 2018

One more practice of Leetcode 133: Clone graph

March 14, 2018


It is so sweet to read my last practice on Leetcode 133: clone graph. Here is the coding blog more than 2 years ago.

Let me tell you a secret. When I read my own work two years ago, and then I try to follow what I wrote. It is just sweet feeling, I like the blog much more than the product I write at work. The software I build is to help me make a living, but code in my blog is mine.

This sports teaching of Journal the practice really makes life change. It builds up so rich content for a person to grow as an engineer.

I like to learn one algorithm a time. But it is so surprising to learn so many improvements in my C# code. I could not believe that I am a much better and happy C# programmer these days.

Code practice

Here is the C# code.

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