Friday, March 30, 2018

Saturday 10:00 AM mock interview

March 30, 2018


Life is tough. The first time I met a peer from New York, he setup his laptop inside the car and then we had a short discussion about mock interview. It is his first mock interview. He told me that he mainly worked on Java, he is looking for a job. He does not have interesting in algorithm and data structure. He worked on a few startups before.

I was told to work on my algorithm first. I spent five minutes to explain the idea how to solve recursive problem called minimum sales path. How to think about recursively? Explain the root node, check its value, and if there are no children, then return its value; otherwise get all its children, ask them to solve the problem, and get the minimum value from those paths.

The peer asked me how often I solve the problem. Do I do other things? I explained a few things:

// leetcode - hackerrank contest /
// /
// - take courses -
// - 4700 courses -
// C# - html, css, jquery, javascript, at work - learn new technology - angular JS - react framework,

My review for the peer

The video was cut after 15 minutes. I chose not to write any code, I just used my own words to explain the algorithm first. And then we had short discussion about the algorithm and how to learn things in general.

I left the feedback. I wrote in less than 5 minutes.

I was touched by your hard working spirit. Please do not get frustrated to look for a job, specially a programmer job. I used to work in USA with different jobs and experienced difference emotions as a software programmer, student. 

I think that it is good decision to go back to study data structure and algorithm foundation. It also helps me to focus on the foundation. If you like to learn how to do problem solving, in data structure and algorithm, and know how people work hard on that. You will find that the job you are doing, looking for doing is much easy compared to this part. 

You set up everything working inside the car for the mock interview and sit in the driver seat. That is so amazing. 

Trust hard word. Word hard. I write coding blog to encourage others to work hard. Do not get frustrated. 

Actionable Items

As a software programmer, I learn to respect people around me how hard they are working. If you do like to be a software programmer, you have to sacrifice and learn how to work with people. Help them make money. 

As we know, there are high pay jobs from top software companies, we as a software engineer can work hard for. But we all know that it is so hard to achieve, most of us cannot make it. 

We have to think about more how to make money outside the job, and then stay in software engineering field and keep doing our loved jobs as a programmer. Love the job you are working on, try to bring in more things to your career; enrich your own life with hard work. 

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