Thursday, May 10, 2018

A short email to write

May 10, 2018


It is also best time to answer a friend's question. I met a person through the mock interview a few days ago. He asked me a few questions. How many questions have you solved in LeetCode ?  And how do you train your muscle memory?  Also, do you time yourself while working on a question? I'm trying to figure out how to improve my speed? 

My answer

I spent 10 minutes to think and write an email to answer those questions. 

Here is my answer I wrote in an email. 

I only submitted 97 out of 796 algorithms. But last 12 months, I worked on same set of algorithm around 30 of them over 11 times on one mock interview platform, work with over 300 hundred programmers together. I learn one thing a time. Some of them are hard level, and I practiced those hard level algorithm over 50 to 60 times. I really figure out how to learn one hard level algorithm very well at the end of 12 months practice. 

 The tip is once you learn one hard level algorithm very well, you will figure out how to learn other medium level or easy level algorithm quickly. 

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