Sunday, May 13, 2018

White board practice

May 13, 2018


I did some mock interview with my roommate Emma, she gave me a free lesson how to give a good presentation. She has full time one year experience to teach IELTS in Vancouver area.

My assignment is to write an essay about topic: handingwriting skill are declining
Q1: what reasons
Q2: Positive/ negative

What I asked her to help me is to give me an assignment she does very often as a teacher. And then I give a presentation how I will work on the assignment.

My presentation

Here is my writing:

Emma's coaching

Here is emma's notes.

Highlights of Emma coaching

You need to look at each person in the room.
You need to get every one involved. You have to ask question to see if they are following you.
Keep smiling. Hide your nervous or anxiety for presentation.
You see how many words I write, only 10 words. If you write too many words, people will focus on your writing, not what you talk.

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