Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Do I make things too easy?

May 15, 2018


It is so much laughing today since I had chance to review my own code written more than 12 months ago. Is that true every 12 months you advance your programming skills? Since I learn how to come out dynamic programming solution without any headache, I found out my practice over 6 hours in the contest was so such a good thing to laugh about.

I am self-learner on algorithm problem solving. I am pushing myself to top of world level? I could not believe that I wrote so many lines of code, I documented it. The blog serves the purpose to teach me that good code is to write short, very clean code compared to the long complicated functions.

Code comparison

Here is the solution I played with stack with so many things, including extra comment up to 400 lines of code. I did it more than 13 months ago.

Laughing moment. Laughing...

I wrote simple code today. So simple and I could not laugh one more time. The code still has bugs, but I will sort out the constraints in the problem statement.

Dynamic programming solution is here written on May 15, 2018.

Keep writing some code every day and write some coding blog every day.

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