Saturday, June 23, 2018

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June 23, 2018


I understand that I need to catch up a lot of reading. One time my coach showed me how he came out an algorithm for me to work on since he saw a post on, so he just changed the phrase. The algorithm is here.

Saturday reading 

Here is the gist I created for the article to talk about software programmer interview and computer science PH.D. program.

A few arguments to think about 

Here are some good arguments to think about from the above article.

Argument 1:

很早之前在B家工作时,就与同事们有一个传统,就是保持市场竞争力的最好方式是出公司面试,看看自己的技能和经验在市场中的价值, 以此判断自己在行业中的位置,是被淘汰还是引领。所以,面试硅谷并不仅仅是为了执行自己的决定,也是一种校正职业方向的方式。

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