Monday, February 15, 2021

2021 new year day - Leetcode over 600 strategies

Feb. 15, 2021


It is so interesting to review what I wrote in new year day of 2021. Now I just could not believe that I have to follow up with my own plan. Push myself hard and solve more algorithm on 

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Here is the link of Leetcode general topic. 

 Thank you for the advice. I am a writer but not a top talent thinker. Last six months I am working on equity research, there are over 7,000 stocks, and I recently studied Bill Ackman 10 success rule, I try to shorten the time on equity research. I write down every idea I have in terms of equity research in my blog. So when I write something related to algorithms, I may bring the research keyword into algorithm discuss post, there are so many metrics to evaluate a stock and market sentiment, and I am still new and easy to be influenced. I just write too quickly.

But research is such a good topic. I just choose not to be shy. I like to spend 5 to 10 minutes to talk about my learning experience.

Through Google onsite preparation, I studied a lot of content, one of reasons Google only use 4 algorithms interview 1 behavior interview to determine if the offer can be given is to give thousands of people with various industry experience fair opportunity and remove bias. One idea is to ask the same kind of questions to everyone. And their research shows only four algorithm interviews is good enough to determine a candidate. One more interview costs huge if extra one is added to thousand people. After reading that article, I do not waste a minute to feel self-pity without an offer. Knowledge is power. I also trust on data.

From my viewpoint, I also have to consider so many things. I like to be a best interviewer I can be, even though I was a just mock interviewer on interviewing dot io. I interviewed somewhere from 250 to 550 people from 2018 to 2020. I was complained a lot the first year. Also, I found out that I could not perform very well in weekly contest during Google phone screen preparation, since I booked too many mock interviews, I enjoyed to be an interviewer to learn from interviewees. I evaluate how good people are and what are those gaps between me and interviewees. Before pandemic, I chose to be an interviewer M-F 10:00 PM, four interviews in weekend at least as well, at least three months. I like to meet people and also learn how to evaluate people and improve my communication skills.

One idea is to master tree algorithm first, usually one individual will stop thinking and practice ideas for same algorithm less than 10 times. It is hard or boring or waste of time. But I asked Lowest common ancestor algorithm over 40 times, people keep giving new ideas how to solve it. After 40 mock interviews, I already practice over 40 ideas, I decide to move on. I do not choose to play number's game, try to solve more algorithms.

Another idea is to talk about my ranking as an interviewee on interviewing dot io, I was below 50% from 2018, but from May to August 2020, I practiced near 20 times as a mock interviewee to prepare Facebook phone screen. My ranking was updated to somewhere from top 25% to top 15% I guess, since I got invited to have privilege to interview with any company on the platform.

I chose to work on Leetcode premium first time since I realize I am not consistent on being frugal and minimalism. My bet on stock market swings from thousands gain to thousands loss. I am saving less than $200 dollars and do not choose best partner in the world - I noticed my being frugal is my excuse. When I prepared for Facebook onsite in June 2020, I was advised to work on Leetcode premium. I have limited time so that I should not rely on my own research what to work on. After Google phone screen, I decided to work on Leetcode premium Google mock onsite 14 sets algorithms first.

Of course, if I can solve another 200 to 300 hard level algorithms in 2021, then I should be more confident and do not feel any pressure to trouble shoot any problem in my current job. Sometime between 2019 to 2020, I studied Harvard business school case study paradigm, I also try to follow the approach in my algorithm practice, focus on at least one case study, make it much easy to come back to review my own practice, quickly follow thought process, make it work first. It is business to compete with limited time and resource, and try to contribute to community, help others as well. I like to read case study than source code. Sometimes the code is too hard to read, without quickly cloning the same idea using C#, reading code is not best learning approach, I started to copy ideas from top players like lee215 more often.

I have to go back to check Leetcode community rule to make sure my above content does not violate rules. Thank you for reading. Happy new year day 2021.

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