Friday, February 19, 2021

Equity research: Finviz -> top ranking stocks | 8:30 AM | 11:15 PM | WATT stock | CTXR stock

 Feb. 19, 2021


It is the first time I like to look into those top ranking stocks in the morning, and what are the stories for those stocks, and the close price at the end of day. Today is Feb. 19, 2021, and my friend bet on CTRX after I posted those pictures around 8:35 AM, and CTRX had more than 20% return in highest. 

Top ranking stocks

It is hard for me to do a short research and figure out which stock will go highest and make quick decision what to purchase. 

WATT stock is the choice of Feb. 19, 2021. The stock went up after 8:30 AM more than 60%. 

8:35 AM PST

11:15 PM in the evening, PST


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