Saturday, February 20, 2021

Three things I should learn | Oil stock crunched and rebound | My bias

 Feb. 20, 2021


It is such great journey for me to learn from my own experience. I worked on Canadian oil stock investment but I did not make money, I like to talk about why I cannot make a half million using my $64,000 Canadian dollars on TFSA and $22,000 dollars on my IRA. 

Small oil stocks

Let us go over the chart to see those stocks with gains over 17,00%. 

It is important to look into those stocks never on the news, TV, CNBC. And I should ask myself if I like to invest $10,000 dollars for one year, and let it rebound to go through pandemic. 

I followed so many CNBC videos, Amazon, FB, and all other big companies, and all other top 10 big oil companies. 

I was scared to invest since those $64,000 dollars are my 10 year working full time savings. I neve did any investment, all saved by one pay check at a time. I rented a small room last 11 years, pay rent around $350 to $480 US dollars. My rental property in Florida always is low rent, even though market price is above $1000 to $1500, I was still in $800 to $850. 

A lot of things I can tell from my own experience. To be a top researcher, equity research, I am not there. I am hunger for so many things. I like to hold those $100 or $200 dollars return, I do have to think about more about small business. 

I just could not believe that as a software programmer with 11 year full time experience, I did not have patience to go over all options underneath screener product feature, and look into those stocks under $1 dollars from March 2020 to January 2021. 

I am still not grown-up. I like to chat and share in wechat group, but I am lack of desire to have confidence, compete and find opportunity to make huge gains. 

Last year I used to put all oil companies stock into Yahoo -> Finance -> portfolio. 

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