Monday, February 15, 2021

GSK stock: Do not be greedy! Sell for my gains 1st time

 Feb. 15, 2021


As an investor, I have to learn how the stock market can be so stable for those well-established business. I like to take time to share my gains and what I will do with them. 

GSK stock position

I was busy and I did not sell the first time when GSK position had $70 dollars gains. Now it is the second time. 

I like to learn the most important timing, when dividend stocks a big capital business have 5% or more loss on earning day news, I should take chance to make some small pocket money; I also like to learn one more business, and learn a few things and expand my my knowledge. 

My best friend on wechat 

Do not be too greedy. Give other's chance to make money as well. 

My friend shared her advice when I chose not to sell over $10,000 gains on my NOK positions. 

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