Saturday, February 20, 2021

Blue stock: First 100 shares at price 28.52

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40% - 50% by April

Their BB2121 CAR should be approved by the end of next month. It will be the first BCMA CART approved for commercialization in the US. Even with new approval later this year, this asset alone will be worth the current market cap. Panic selling happens all the time. I see upside potential of 40-50% by April.

Late March 2021

Think about this. If a company wanted to buy BLUE right now, they would have to offer at least $50 per share for it. Why? Because of their 'cash on hand', their robust pipeline, and the fact that their drug now in front of FDA will likely be approved in late March (2021). So you do the math but BLUE is worth a lot more than $27.

Next week - Feb 22 - 26, 2021

Survetta capital bought 423k last week worth 19m almost and lots of other institutions! But the way they scare you is that they only show you who sold and when, that’s it. But they don’t tell you who bought. If you go to marketbeat or finitel. You will be able to see the 13f and 13g filings. You gonna be surprised how many institutions and hedge funds increased their positions in the 31-27$ range. We all lost money on this and it’s way undervalued. I sold at a loss which is rare. But I bought back at a lower average because I believe in their pipeline and they got 1.2b cash. Next week will be a better week!

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