Sunday, February 14, 2021

E19: Robinhood's GameStop decision: Why did it happen and how can it be prevented in the future?

 Feb. 14, 2021

Here is the link. 

Show Notes: 0:00 Besties intro 2:11 Chamath breaks down the entire WallStreetBets/GameStop saga 15:38 Jason responds, debating Robinhood's liquidity crisis, Citadel's potential involvement & more 39:18 How can this be prevented in the future? Restructuring capital gains tax, censorship, where Robinhood can go from here 53:02 Major learnings from this week's events, risks of decentralization, do stocks need to be reflexive of the underlying business? GameStop's endgame 1:15:01 Chamath for Governor of California, Friedberg on leaders vs. managers & the problem with career politicians #allin #tech #news

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