Thursday, February 11, 2021

GTE stock: My short research and my project management skills

 Feb. 11, 2021


It is tough project to work on. I did quickly go over 48 robinhood restricted stocks, and then I decided to invest on GTE stock. I like to write a short research how I should do better next time on project planning and execution

GTE stock

I did quickly go over the short research using Yahoo -> Finance -> portfolio, and then I chose GTE stock as a quickly 100% return stock, and I decided to invest 10000 shares of GTE stock at price around 60 cents. 

I did not learn how to made good decision. My friend in wechat group said that you should not gamble, then I quickly changed to 1000 shares instead of 10000 shares. 

I understood that there is market risk, so I should not put 100% on equity. Since wallstreetbets will slow down big capital stocks, I decided to sell all my IBM, SWI, T stocks, and then started to purchase those penny stocks. 

I should invest more money instead of 1000 shares of GTE. I should trust my research. It is easy for me to come out ideas what to invest based on my research, the tough part is to control my behavior, do not be too greedy, do not take too much risk and become a gambler. Just try one idea a time. I like to really learn more about every business I choose to invest. 

Actionable Items

  1. I should take some risk in order to get some gains. I should invest on stock with less risk on downside, and then possible biggest gains with share value around 50 cents/ share. 
  2. When I make decision to choose stocks, shares to purchase, I should have some decision process; I do think that I should learn as much as I can, so if I can use my gains to invest, then I will not lose my capital from 10 years savings. 
  3. I should learn how to make good judgement to invest. Time is most important, I did make purchase at lowest price. 
  4. I should learn more stocks in 2020. 

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