Friday, February 12, 2021

Hiring event: My first virtual onsite in 2021

 Feb. 12, 2021


It is hard for me to find time to study Microservice and Microsoft cloud solution last 11 years. I finally got time to study since I had to prepare my first onsite form Microsoft after 2008. I like to write down something to memorize my success of learning system design. 

Hiring event

It was so surprising to learn that I had chance to be selected after one online assessment. I was busy with my work and stock investment. I chose to focus on system design learning, since it is hard compared to algorithm and data structure practice. 

I should have spent more time to learn Microsoft technologies, since there are so many good material out there. 

I like to list three things I enjoyed learning. After onsite, I will become a better programmer to learn more at work about Microsoft cloud solution, and learn how to do a better job as a solo player, a software programmer. 

  1. User feed service architecture - 20 minute talk 
  2. Database sharding - Go through Microsoft Azure architure - database sharding pattern
  3. Microservice - a shopping example
  4. Collaboration - spent one hour to discuss with a friend, I really like to learn from my own experience, and learn how to collaborate with other. 

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