Friday, February 12, 2021

Tennis double match: two hours double play - chatting with a friend

 Feb. 12, 2021


It is so interesting to learn so many things from my tennis double partner today. I just could not believe that I enjoyed sunshine, and running and sports tennis. I also figured out that the tennis sports really help me to recover from stress of stock investment. 

Two hour double matches

I spent two hours to chat with my friend. I knew him over 10 years, but I have not played with him long time. It is the first double match over long time. 

I also took some time to get to know him, the company he works for - Rogers. He shared with his insights with industry like Nokia, technology 5G, and all other topics we talked while we played tennis. 

Actionable items

I do believe that those people on tennis court are very good to share their knowledge and life experience. I do believe that those learning process on tennis court helps me a lot. 

I do think that most of people on tennis court are not big fan of equity research. 

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