Saturday, February 13, 2021

Humbled Trader: How to read SEC Filings - Penny stock offerings $NERV

Feb. 13, 2021

Here is the link. 

Time stamps: 0:43 - Form S-3 SEC filing explained. 2:18 - Shelf offering registration explained for $NERV stock 3:00 - Why do biotech penny stocks burn so much cash? 4:41 - What is a mixed shelf? 6:11- How to know if a Form S-3 is in effect? 7:13 - What is At the market offering? (ATM offering explained) 9:16 - How to use SEC filings when day trading penny stocks long and short? How to read SEC filings? Penny stock shelf offering sec filings explained. In this video I’ll be going over how to take advantage of SEC filings to and use shelf registration information to your advantage when day trading penny stock premarket gap ups such as $NERV. How to read SEC filings and find penny stock offering and dilution? ▶︎ How to day trade gappers and gap ups ▶︎ SEC filings Edgar website ▶︎

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