Saturday, February 13, 2021

What if I have solved 900 Leetcode algorithms?

Feb. 13, 2021


It is tough business world out there. Specially for a business woman single in 55 year old. I have to push myself to learn more things like trader on stock market, long term investor. It is hard for me to make a plan to solve another 270 algorithms so that I can solve 900 Leetcode algorithms. 

900 Leetcode algorithms

I was so surprised to learn that two weeks ago I can finish Microsoft online assessment in less than 40 minutes. I think that it is important for me to continue to practice more Leetcode mock onsite interviews, so that I can get used to the pressure of crafting and trouble shooting under stress. 

I do think that I want to be a better problem solver, not just a number - 900 mark. I like to learn how to be an investor, avoid making same mistakes I made in 2020. Life is tough with pressure of pandemic and other issues, related to discipline and I like to push myself to be best role model for others, hard working and continuously discipline myself to be frugal, live under means, and delay gratification. 

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